I also Podcast on the Side

I discovered podcasting a few years ago and I’m hooked. I didn’t realize, I could make my own podcast too and so I did! It’s been hard since I work full time so finding the time to even make podcasts has not been easy but I keep at it.

I love movies so I have a podcast on movies. It’s called Genie Goes To the Movies. Check it out:


I find that I like to talk about my writing journey so I created, So You Think You Can Write. It’s all about self-publishing. I will be updating it regularly.

Check it out: https://www.spreaker.com/show/so-you-think-you-can-wrte

Then I also write about Money Journey. I should be updating it more but I have episodes in there: https://www.spreaker.com/show/money-journey-podcast

Lastly, the podcast that started it all is Love In the Time of The Trump Era. So, to motivate me to finish the book, I would write chapters then record it then I would write chapters and record it. Eventually, I just started writing more chapters. I created the podcast to motivate me to finish my book until I realized, I didn’t need any more motivating. I just write no matter what! I published my first book in August 2019 and Book 2 is coming out in Dec 2019-January 2020. I have other books coming out in February, March, Spring, Summer, Fall and then December 2020. Phew, that will keep me busy. Do check out my Podcast that helped me end procrastination! The book version is on Amazon.

Podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/show/love-in-the-time-of-the-trump-era

Book One on which the podcast is based: https://www.amazon.com/Love-Time-Trump-Era-Opposites-ebook/dp/B07VXR7H9K

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