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List of Published Books and Upcoming Books


Love in the Time of Trump Book 2

Alexa must choose between Cayden, a Democrat and Lee, a Republican. The political world has changed and people are becoming more polarized. Can Alexa really find lasting love in the time of Trump?

On Book 1: It was intriguing and mysterious but it is interesting and romantic. I wanted to read more of it, I can't wait for the next one.- Jean Myles Reader
Jean Myles
Avid Reader
Paperback edition will be available in February 2020
Paperback edition will be available Feb 2020


Poppy Love

Poppy’s long-term relationship just ended. She decided to go back to school and finish her Master’s degree in early intervention. To make ends meet, she returns to NY to live with her mother and at the same time, she takes a job changing diapers at a daycare center. There she meets the cute toddler Kinsley. Kinsley just happens to have a very hunky Dad named Ethan. Before she knows it Kinsley’s dad asks her out on a date after he rescues her from a rogue alpaca. 

Other suitors are also competing with Kinsley’s dad such as the lovesick, tall, muscular and handsome Joseph. There’s also Drake, the younger guy with the heart of gold. 

Who should Poppy choose? Find out NOW. Book has been out since  February 2020! 


Bullied Inc.

Lizzie works for New York Times and is investigating her close friend, Rahul’s corporation for sexual discrimination and terrible working conditions. She feels responsible for Rahul’s behavior since she failed to stop a bullying in high school. She regrets not being there for her friend and wishes she could have done more to help him. She also bumps into Christopher, her former dance partner in 4th grade who is now a famous actor in Hollywood. Lizzie and Christopher catch up on their lives and realize they were meant to be together but it may be too late since the both of them are already engaged to other people. Lizzie makes a wish that she could turn back the hands of time. She finds that her wish was granted by a magical fortune cookie. The following day, she wakes up in 1999 a few weeks before her high school prom. Can she really change the past and change history? Find out on March 2020. Sign up for my newsletter for updates. 


Scott is an asshole. He has mommy issues. His mom abandoned him when he was a young boy and now he hates women and uses them. He is a serial womanizer and doesn’t care for anyone but himself. One day, he gets cursed by one of his ‘short-term’ girlfriends after she found out he was cheating on her. He gets into an accident and wakes up as a dog! Yikes! He gets adopted by Clara, an animal shelter volunteer. He starts to fall for her but will his curse be lifted or will he remain as a dog forever? Find out on Summer 2020. To get updates on Woof! At First Sight sign up for my mailing list.