If you loved Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen or Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding, you will love Love In the Time of the Trump Era!

Democrat VS Republican. Can you really date outside of your political affiliation? Can you find love in this highly polarized world? Democrats hate Republicans, Republicans hate Democrats, and never shall the two meet eye to eye.

Alexa is single and works for Viral Feed, an internet-based news company. During the 2016 Presidential Elections, her life is turned upside down when her candidate Hillary Clinton lost the elections. Her love life becomes very interesting as two guys are starting to fight for her attention and her heart. Will she choose Cayden, the mysterious, handsome personal trainer and fitness expert who happens to be a Liberal? Or should she choose Lee, a handsome yet quiet guy who happened to have voted for Trump?

A romantic story set in the real events of 2016. Will Alexa choose based on her politics or will she choose based on her heart? Things are not what it seems anymore as love and romance are harder to navigate in the time of the Trump Era.

Follow her dating adventures and misadventures as she navigates dating and love in the time of the Trump Era.


Love in the Time of Trump Book 2

Alexa must choose between Cayden, a Democrat and Lee, a Republican. The political world has changed and people are becoming more polarized. Can Alexa really find lasting love in the time of Trump?

On Book 1: It was intriguing and mysterious but it is interesting and romantic. I wanted to read more of it, I can't wait for the next one.- Jean Myles Reader
Jean Myles
Avid Reader

Lizzie Wan is a reporter for the New York Times, she is investigating the claims of a hostile working environment in a multi-million tech company. This company she is investigating is owned by her former friend Rahul who was bullied in high school. Sadly, it seems her friend Rahul has become a bully himself. Lizzie must investigate her friend and she feels conflicted about it.

Another person from her past appears in her life. She has a chance encounter with her former high school classmate, handsome yet humble Christopher, who is now a big Hollywood movie star.

They go to dinner to catch up with their lives. Lizzie realizes that Christopher could be the love of her life and Christopher realizes the same thing. In the heat of the moment, they share a memorable kiss.

The only thing is, they are both engaged to other people.

Lizzie regrets her lost opportunity with Christopher.

Suddenly, an opportunity is presented to her through a wish-granting fortune cookie.

Lizzie makes a wish to turn back time so she can undo her past mistakes. Will she be able to change her friend, Rahul’s future? Will she reconnect with Chris? She was only given one chance to change her future. Will she succeed?

Follow Lizzie as she goes back in time to high school 1999 in this entertaining, charming time travel, standalone romance. Meet Lizzie’s quirky yet adorable friends as she tries to navigate high school all over again.

Reminisce about the time before cellphones were popular, mixed tapes, scrunchies, malls, The Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears.

Jean’s husband leaves her for a younger woman. Not only that, he leaves her for a stripper! Jean is humiliated and depressed that her 15-year marriage has ended.

One day, she receives an e-mail reminder of her Napa Valley 15th-year wedding anniversary trip. A trip that she had booked prior to her divorce. She hesitates to go on the trip but her son, Arnold, convinces her to pack her bags and go on this vacation.

While on the airplane she sits beside a hot stranger, Greg, who seems very interested in her. However, she finds him annoying and tells him a lie– that she is a widow and still grieving the loss of her husband. She thought he would never see her again, but lo and behold, he is on the same Napa Valley trip. Jean finds herself getting attracted to Greg. Can she keep on lying to him? Will Jean allow herself to fall in love again? Will she find her happily ever after? And will she find love in wine country?

Join Jean in this laugh-out-loud romantic comedy as she: learns the art of not overdrinking wine, rides a rogue horse, goes on a wobbly bike ride, solves a murder mystery and goes on a dangerous hot air balloon ride and so much more.

Poppy’s is a newly single woman whose life falls apart when her long-term boyfriend dumps her. She decides to go back to the town where she grew up so she can finish her higher education. She moves in with her mom and decides to work at a daycare part-time to fund her education. 

 At the daycare, she bumps into a little boy named Kinsley. Kinsley becomes the unwitting matchmaker as he helps introduce Poppy to his hot, sexy and hunky dad, Ethan. Sparks begin to fly after Ethan saves Poppy from a rogue alpaca.

Poppy also starts dating other guys such as lovesick yet perfect Joseph and the kind-hearted Drake.

Who will Poppy choose?

Follow Poppy in this standalone laugh-out-loud feel-good book as she navigates dating, dirty diapers, school work and a disapproving mother.

This is a standalone clean and wholesome inspirational romance. A laugh out loud romantic comedy. If you liked Three Men and a Baby you will like Poppy Love!

If you love romantic comedy books by Sophie Kinsella and Lindsey Kelk you will love this book!

My First Non-Fiction Book

How to turn your dreams into reality. A step-by step guide on how to gain clarity on what you want, act on it and create your dream life one day at a time.



Genie Hermoso is a writer of contemporary romance, romantic comedies, sweet and clean feel-good romance. She is originally from Cebu, Philippines and immigrated to the USA 7 years ago. She is a physical therapist by day and a writer, blogger, freelance writer, podcaster, YouTuber by night. She was always imaginative and creative. She loves movies, romantic comedies, sci-fi, self-help and romance books. She loves to travel and try out new foods. She loves current events and listens to a podcast or audiobook and reads ebooks daily She has lived in the East Coast NY-NJ area and has moved to the West Coast-Southwest area. She has two Yorkies, Bacon and Skye. She’s determined to have one of her dogs appear in cameo roles in her books. So, if you have sharp observation skills, you will spot her dog in her works.